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We're the New Congress Fund. We're dedicated to an analytical approach to Democratic fundraising, targeting our dollars at races that will have the largest impact on political power in Washington, DC. In 2018, that meant supporting 11 House challengers that were most likely to be the tipping point for House Democratic Control. In 2020, we ran three efforts: early in the cycle, we ran the largest single event to support vulnerable house freshman. As the Presidential race became central, we raised money for 15 close House races in the purplest states -- targeting tripling acting districts that could shore up the House, support close senate races in AZ, MI, and NC, and target dollars into the most important swing states. Finally, we closed out 2020 by hosting the largest GA-led, non-celebrity fundraiser for Warnock and Ossoff.

We're already laying plans for how we can be most effective in 2022. So please join us!